Hobbyists get organized!

Organization is its own art form. Some people have it naturally, others have to work hard for it, and still others go through their entire life oblivious to the colossal mess that follows them everywhere. In order to remember the theory of your hobbies it helps tremendously to be organized. For the disorganized among us I propose “The Binder”. This is the classic three-ring binder, which is still available at the store even though you may not have bought one since high school. The slant ring style with a D-shaped retainer is a great configuration because it holds more paper, and the paper lays flatter and is easier to turn. However if you have a leftover binder with round rings, that will do just fine. For those still in school, you are forced into some manner of organization for school, and I am here to suggest that you simply apply that same tenet to your hobbies. I promise that you will find great benefit in doing so!

Part of the problem with studying new subjects is that most times no one shows us a road map before we get started. So we head off on that path, afraid, disorganized, and never prepared for what to expect with the next lesson. If you just had your first music lesson or motorcycle course, or you are highly experienced but making a concerted effort to grow in your knowledge, let me help you organize that knowledge.

1) Buy a three-ring binder. Get a high quality binder that can last your lifetime. Note if you have a friend like I do in “Anthony”, you may find someone astounded that your binder looks so new and perfect, and they may rip it and mark in it, just to “break it in.” Avoid Anthony at all costs.
2) Buy some tabs. This binder will get heavy use so consider plastic tabs that will not only last forever but will also look beautiful. Aesthetics are important for inspiration.
3) Download the applicable files from the free download page. As of this writing I have a file for guitarists and one for motorcyclists.
a. The Excel sheet consists of labels for the binder tabs. 
b.  Print the label tab and compare the label size to your tabs. Adjust the cell width and height accordingly, and then print a final copy. Cut out the labels and insert them into your tabs.
c. Once your binder is organized exactly as you like it, then edit the label description tab, print it, and insert it in the front of your binder as a table of contents.
d.  Create your own cover sheet for your binder. Put whatever you want on this. Insert a picture of your favorite musician or instrument or motorcycle, for example.

Good luck and I look forward to your suggestions as well.